An itison Love Story

There are very few romances in the itison office, in fact, there are none which means quite often we have to start unsubstantiated rumours in order to create a bit of excitement.

As such, the males of itison are quite literally terrified to even look in the direction of their female counterparts in case the rumour mill starts grinding.

So it gives us great pleasure to announce that without meddle, mischief or sackable offence an itison romance has flourished all on its own.

Recently we received news from one of our members that her beau treated her to a lovely overnight at Loch Melfort Hotel, splendid we thought, AND then we heard there had been a proposal!


John and Avril (centre)

Yes, John(62) and Avril(67) got engaged after 10 years of courtship and an itison deal for the amazing Loch Melfort Hotel was the glue to bring it all together. We’re like the Cilla Black of daily deals!

Avril met John at a garden centre while checking out the blossoms, John asked Avril if she would like to join him for a coffee and love flourished instantly.

10 years later, with a ring in his hand and a bottle of Champagne chilling, John proposed to Avril on the balcony at Loch Melfort and Avril said “yes”.


The whole family was delighted, we were delighted and when we told Loch Melfort they were delighted.

Loch Melfort has even asked the happy couple back to celebrate after their wedding with an overnight stay. Awww.

The view from the hotel balcony. A-MAY-ZING!

We love a happy ending.

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